A sustainable project

Bahia Bustamante Lodge is a small, family-run project, a private wildlife sanctuary & Eco Lodge set in remote Patagonia by the sea. Our main goal is to protect this piece of paradise & share this incredible nature with guests from all over the world, aiming to promote environmental conservation & raise awareness on the protection of this fragile ecosystem.
The true love and respect for our land and nature itself, is perceived and shared by our guests from the very first moment they arrive.
  • SOLAR ENERGY: Solar panels provide the Lodge with electricity all day.
    Aiming to reduce the impact of our activity in this paradise, last may we installed solar panels and today we ONLY use this type of energy.

  • BIOLOGY & OTHER SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH: We protect the local flora & fauna and collaborate with biologists and other scientists by offering our property as a base for their work. From the very first steps in the hospitality industry, we were conscious of the environmental value of this area and asked for expert’s help. Today, our conservation actions mainly rely on the biologists and scientists (National Research Council of Argentina, Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia Austral, Wildlife Conservation Society, Fundación Patagonia Natural, etc) which we constantly receive at the Lodge. We offer them free accommodation and logistic support, in order to promote marine wildlife research.

  • FROM THE EARTH TO THE TABLE: Our food and gourmet projects also reflect our deep love towards this land. Our wine project by the sea, our organic and biodynamic garden, sea salt and salicornia harvesting, honey production, our olive oil project and much more.—- Read more here.

  • WATER: We use spring water with natural spring gravity. We provide reusable bottles at the Restaurant if guests need them for their daily activity. We remind our guests that water here is a scarce resource and request they use it responsibly. We use grey waters for watering the Lodge’s surroundings.


  • REDUCE+REUSE+RECYCLE: Separation of waste – Reduce – Reuse – Recycle. Plastic, paperboard and aluminum are taken to the city, to be sold and recycled. Our amenities are organic. In order to avoid unnecessary use of plastic, we use wall-mounted dispensers which we refill.


  • AT THE RANCH: We apply Holistic Management of livestock to restore Patagonian grasslands and use solar energy to generate electricity on the fields. We have wind and solar mills to provide the sheep with water.


We guarantee the balance between nature & guests by limiting our maximum capacity to 20-25 guests per day.



If you haven’t visited us, what are you waiting for?
If you have, we hope you keep great memories of your stay and that you find the information above interesting.

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