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The Lodge

Founded in the 1950s
as a seaweed settlement
by Lorenzo Soriano,
a Spanish immigrant
and grandfather
of the generations
running the Lodge today.

Founded in the 1950s as a seaweed settlement by Lorenzo Soriano, a Spanish immigrant and grandfather of the generations running the Lodge today, more than 400 seaweed workers and their families lived here: there was a church, a school, a police department and everything this small “town” and their inhabitants needed. Staying in Bahia Bustamante Lodge also means taking a journey to the past, to discover the amazing life of the pioneers of this truly remote place in Patagonia.

Silence here is only interrupted by gusts of wind, the singing of hundreds of species of birds and the breaking of the waves on the shore. The ocean on one side and the never- ending steppe on the other. The Argentine flag waves behind the old Bar, the oldest construction and silent witness of bygone days. Peace reigns all around. Seaweed harvesters, biologists, sheep ranchers, families, adventure lovers, artists, guests from every corner of the world, all find their place in Bahia Bustamante Lodge.

Please consider that in Bahia Bustamante Lodge we want to preserve the essence of the place and maintain a balance with nature. The old houses which used to belong to the first inhabitants were renovated to receive guests, always taking into account the austerity and simplicity which characterized lifestyle here from the beginning; thus keeping alive the spirit of those who arrived to these lands over 50 years ago.

In Bahia Bustamante Lodge, luxury is the chance to enjoy the vastness of nature which surrounds us. The aim of the experience is to connect with nature and with the authenticity of such special place and its inhabitants.


By the sea, each Cabin has 2 double bedrooms, a living room and 1 fully equipped bathroom, an ocean front view terrace and a Minibar. The stay includes full board (except beverages) & activities inside the property – Mountain bikes available. Superior Sea Cabins are spacious & cozy. The living room features a large window with a beautiful view of the sea. Coffee machine, exclusive small winery & Bluetooth speaker. Maximum capacity: 4 adults.


The Marine Lofts establish a new standard of accommodation within the Lodge. And at the same time, a new stage in the history of Bahia Bustamante. There are only 4 lofts. All of them are spacious and comfortable, with great windows overlooking the ocean and the steppe. They have a bedroom with a working desk, a living room and between these 2 areas, a wood-burning stove with double visibility. They have a comfortable bathroom and a small kitchen. There is good wardrobe space. And outside, a large terrace overlooking the sea. The Marine Lofts are an ideal option for 2 adults. This is the maximum capacity. In the case of occupation by 1 adult and 1 minor: the minimum age must be 10 years old.


This option does not include activities or meals. Located just behind the Sea Cabins, these are much simpler. Steppe Cabins have 1 double room, a dining room, a small living room with a single bed, a bathroom and a kitchen with cook top & basic tableware. Maximum capacity: 3 people.


Located where the town had its old General Store, today it holds the common areas of the Lodge, preserving a typical Patagonia atmosphere. The Restaurant: We serve local food in a menu based on seaweed, lamb meat, fish & other sea products, and fruits & vegetables from our organic garden. Bar & Living Room: Perfect to relax with a view to the sea through the immense windows. In the library you will find books, bird guides and magazines. We have a well provided bar. The Memorial Room: An introduction to the beginning of the town in the 60s & the life of more than 400 workers. The Club: A game room with Pool, ping-pong, table-football & board games.


Check In: 01:00 pm. / Check Out: 10.00 am. If case of arriving earlier, guests may use the common areas.

Electricity: The Lodge has electricity from sunset until late night, supplied by an electric generator. Once the lights go out Sea Cabins are still illuminated by solar energy & battery lights. Steppe Cabins have an emergency light to be plugged in whenever needed. We recommend to bring a flashlight.

WI FI: The Lodge has satellite wi fi, available at the Restaurant some hours per day (solar energy). It is not reliable and very slow.

Telephone: there is no mobile phone signal. We have a telephone available (with an extra cost).

– Breakfast: simple argentine breakfast which includes cereals, fruits & homemade bread, homemade jams & butter, yoghurt, cheese, homemade hams. Grain fresh coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

– Lunch & dinner: Fixed menu with appetizer, main course and dessert. Beverages are not included. Please keep in mind that Bahia Bustamante Lodge is situated in a remote location, which sometimes results in stock limitations. We serve fish, different types of pasta, lamb, marine seafood and other traditional Argentina dishes, depending on the availability of these products.