A journey to the past – Learn about the Lodge’s life here in the 60th

Did you know Bahia Bustamante has a very unique past? It was founded in the 1950s as a seaweed settlement by Lorenzo Soriano, a Spanish immigrant and grandfather of the generations running the Lodge today. More than 400 seaweed workers and their families lived here. Bahia Bustamante was a small town with a school, church, police station, general store and everything their inhabitants might need. Life by the ocean went by peacefully.

Seaweed is the reason why Bahia Bustamante is the only property in the area by the sea, the only one where you open the door of your cabin to the ocean. Other ranches in the area were founded dedicated to the wool production, and, therefore, located inlands, protected from the cold wind coming from the ocean. Bahia Bustamante’s main activity came from the ocean, therefore, its location.

This season we have designed a self guided «Historic Tour», an invitation to take a journey to the past and discover the life of pioneers in remote Patagonia 70 years ago.
This map will be our guest´s guide around the “town”! And of course, they can always enjoy the guided activity if they prefer.

By @Walkamap

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