August is sheep shearing time

August is here and with it, a very busy time of the year starts at the Lodge; it is sheep shearing time!

The area has a long history of wool production- the small town of Camarones has the oldest Rural Society in Chubut- and Bahia Bustamante is not the exception. We have 10.000 sheep and we produce sustainable merino wool. Sheep shearing starts in August and lasts for about 1 month.

Bahia Bustamante was one of the first ranches in Argentina to start working with holistic management, aiming to restore and preserve the pastureland ecosystem. As Allan Savory discovered, hooved animals play a critical role in the health of arid rangeland ecology. There is a critical relationship between the soil and the hooves of grazing animals. In seasonal rainfall environments the land rapidly turns to desert without animal impact. What should be avoided is the constant intense pasture, which is avoided with a rotation system of the cattle, which gives pastureland time to recover in between.

Our guests, from October on, can visit the corrals and learn about the different activities carried out: shearing, weaning, classification or marking of the sheep.

Don’t miss spectacular aerial photos below!

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