We are open! What’s a day in paradise by the sea like? Find out!

It’s been 15 years since we welcomed our first guests. It al began almost by chance, when two adventurous german travelers knocked on our door looking for a place to stay in remote Patagonia.

Starting October 1st until the end of April, our guests enjoy the magic of opening the door of their Cabin towards 360° of pure nature and the immensity of the steppe.

Daily life here goes by between the sun, the sea, starry skies like nowhere else, penguins, sea lions, lesser rheas, foxes, armadillos,  empty and dreamy beaches,
and delicious local food.The perfect combination of adventure, relax and discovery.
The Sun rises on the ocean, turning the sky into intense red, pink and orange colors. The view from the Lodge is framed by our ocean vineyards, planted last October together with the prestigious bartender Tato Giovannoni (whose bar was recently named 3rd best bar in the world- check it out! Floreria Atlántico in BA) and the winemaker Matias Michelini. A dream come true which will soon become wine!

After breakfast, adventure begins! We navigate to explore this private marine wildlife sanctuary, reaching islands which are home to a large concentration of species. This reserve is one of the most important in the country, a unique experience in the area.

From the boat, we enjoy close encounters with penguins swimming in crystal clear waters, curious sea lions following the boat’s wake, steamer duck families, cormorantsdancing flocks of sandpipers on their migrating route and much more!

For the afternoon, you choose!


Not everything has to do with marine life! We have other surprises inland. We getn a Land Rover and enter the steppe landscape to reach «The Pyramid» petrified forest. An immense area inside the Ranch, with an archeological history which is 65 million years. During the way, we will encounter guanacos, lesser rheas, maras, foxes. Once there, the landscape is overwhelming: a lunar desert filled with fosil trunks; wood turned into stone of thousand bright colors.

Graviña Peninsula hides sandy beaches, crystal clear water and reddish rocks. In between these rocks, a number of natural tide pools are formed, which are great fun for swimming with a view to the open ocean. The peninsula is a world of wonders to enjoy.
Aristizabal Cape discovers a full Sei whale skeleton next to «Mysteries», the enigmatic art installation by French artist Christian Boltanski. An authentic safari experience combining nature and art.

The day ends at our «Sunset Bar», with wine tasting and some snacks while the sun sets on the steppe (and if you are lucky, full moon rising on the ocean at the same time!)

After dinner, a starry sky invites us to enjoy the stillness of the night; before a good sleep under the immensity.


Bahia Bustamante is an unique experience for nature lovers who enjoy discovery, far off destinations and a landscape of endless surprise.
A new season begins and we are ready to share this paradise with travelers from all over the world; we look forward to welcoming you!

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